Titan Nutraceutical Technologies (TNT) was founded by Matthew Haldenby, formerly known as the Gladiator Giant, in 2005. His passion and lifetime involvement in performance and strength sports relied heavily on quality supplementation.

Born out of a need for quality sports supplements, TNT Mercury is sourced, blended and packaged by certified and credible labs with compliant blending plants in a stringent, quality controlled environment. TNT Mercury has been designed for likeminded individuals and athletes who also demand the best supplement to complement their back breaking workouts, allowing them to push further, faster and stronger every time.

The brand now boasts an in-house and contracted team of committed industry intellectuals and athletes that collectively ensure the customer gets the very best available.

  • TNT MERCURY KEVLAR RELOAD boasts a comprehensive blend of tried and tested post training recovery aids. It is well documented that the benefits of post workout, fast absorbing nutrients, during the anabolic window will greatly improve recovery and performance. During intense training the muscle Glycogen stores are rapidly depleted, and the muscles’ fibres endure micro tears under excessive load. The post training anabolic window is the period during which the body is most susceptible to nutrients due to its greatly depleted state.
  • As with all TNT products we simply put the very best formula together and never compromise our standards to reduce cost. KEVLAR RAPID FIRE is packed with pH correcting Alkaline Buffers and jammed with electrolytes to reduce acid build up, improve muscle response and accelerate between set recovery times.